US Server Issues – US1, US2, US3, US7, US8, US9, & US10

There is an issue causing the game to reload/refresh when you get to a certain point in the Guild Rankings for servers 1,2,3,7,8,9,& 10.  I have written Inno about this issue and hopefully they will have to resolved soon.  I was hoping that it would be fixed with today’s (2/1/2016) update, but it was not.

I have however created a workaround, and later today you should start seeing the normal data show up again, however, due to the error, not all guild rankings will be displayed.


Server Updates

After doing some updates to the coding for the server side processes, I believe we have everything fixed so that all servers will start to update regularly again.  All servers should update properly today, but if not, it should be fixed this weekend.

Thank you for your patience with these issues!


Site Updates

I have received quite a few emails lately and I do my best to reply to each of them but sometimes it takes a bit of time.

When a new game update is released, often times the data collection updates fail for 1-2 days.  I am not exactly sure why this happens, but it has pretty much happened since the site was launched, so whenever Forge of Empires is updated, please be patient if there is a day that the site has not been update and know that I am paying attention and trying to fix any issues that may arise to keep it from doing a timely update.

Generally, whatever problem causes this to happen disappears and updates resume within 2 days, right now, I believe the only server still having a problem updating is the Russian server, and I am working on that issue as well.


Crowdin Translation Service

I have discontinued the Crowdin Translation service subscription.  Thank you for everyone that helped out, in the future I may try to do more translations, but the new translations have slowed down quite a bit, so I have stopped the service for now.



New worlds added

I have went through and updated all the servers, so the following worlds should begin to show data starting with today’s updates:


DE16, DE17, DE18





Sorry it took so long to get these worlds online, in the future I will try to get them online within a few days of launch.