Site Updates

I have received quite a few emails lately and I do my best to reply to each of them but sometimes it takes a bit of time.

When a new game update is released, often times the data collection updates fail for 1-2 days.  I am not exactly sure why this happens, but it has pretty much happened since the site was launched, so whenever Forge of Empires is updated, please be patient if there is a day that the site has not been update and know that I am paying attention and trying to fix any issues that may arise to keep it from doing a timely update.

Generally, whatever problem causes this to happen disappears and updates resume within 2 days, right now, I believe the only server still having a problem updating is the Russian server, and I am working on that issue as well.


Crowdin Translation Service

I have discontinued the Crowdin Translation service subscription.  Thank you for everyone that helped out, in the future I may try to do more translations, but the new translations have slowed down quite a bit, so I have stopped the service for now.



New worlds added

I have went through and updated all the servers, so the following worlds should begin to show data starting with today’s updates:


DE16, DE17, DE18





Sorry it took so long to get these worlds online, in the future I will try to get them online within a few days of launch.



New translations, Future Era Great Buildings

I have added the 2 new GB’s to the GB Finder tool, of course until the new Age is released on the live servers, they can only be found on Beta.

They are at the bottom of the list, titled The Arc and Rain Forest Project

You can also calculate how many points they will give for levels above 10 at this time.

I have also added additional translations that have been completed by the community using Crowdin.




Future Era is here!

Future Era hit beta earlier this week, and I have updated the website to include the images for the new Great Buildings and Avatars associated with the new age.

Also, below you will find a list of all the requirements for the tech tree for the new Era and the new goods boosts:

FE Goods ——————-> Boosted with —–> Requires
Biogeochemical Data —> Sulphur Blocks –> Renewable Resources
Purified Water ————-> Basalt Rock ——> Industrial Filters
Algae ————————-> Cocoons ———–> Genome Data
Superconductors ———> Soapstone ——–> Semiconductors
Nanoparticles ————-> Zinc Ore ————> Steel

Tech Requirements:
FP = 1,887
Coins = 21,176,100
Supplies = 29,181,200
Goods = 12,505

Total Goods Breakdown Per Age:
PME – Genome Data: 450, Industrial Filters: 360, Renewable resources: 450, Semiconductors: 440, Steel: 300
CE – Bionics Data: 1035, Electromagnets: 840, Gas: 915, Plastics: 790, Robots: 910
TE – Nutrition Research: 520, Papercrete: 775, Preservatives: 940, Smart Materials: 880, Trans. Concrete: 720
FE – Algae: 460, Biogeochemical Data: 450, Nanoparticles: 465, Purified Water: 380, Superconductor: 425

FE Tech
Clean Energy
133FP/300 Preservatives/190 Ind Filters/860,000C/2,500,100S
Low-Temp Science
71FP/410 Gas/330 Papercrete/250,000C/970,000S
112FP/150 Genome Data/320 Bionics/1,500,000C/3,200,000S
Earth Science
Tidal Power
Quantum Communication
Underground Houses
Climate Control
Gravity Fields
Food Engineering
Solar Roads
77FP/450Renewables/170Biogeochmical Data/1100000C/1010100S
119FP/170Filters/280Purified Water/1000500C/850000S
Self-Supporting Homes
Human-Machine Inferface
Precise Forecasting
Orbital Networks
98FP/340Preserves/280Biogeochemical Data/600000C/800000S
Extended Gausian Distribution